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Greetings (Sawasdee kha),
My name is Roong. The opening of our suitcase immigrant story is just the same as many stories you’ve heard before. We came from Thailand to the USA at almost 20 years, landing at LAX with a suitcase and a couple of hundreds in the pocket (like others, nothing new, lol). As immigrants, we tried all the ways to root in this land and worked hard to provide for our growing family. For almost 10 years, he works as a cafe service at the casino in Las Vegas while I first worked in the local Thai restaurant and then found a stable job working in the food service for 3 years for Sheriff’s Department in Montana. Years later, we had our family fed, and amazing friends were around. Our friends were always asking for our home cooked Thai food at parties. They love our cooking. The appraises of our food from our friends is just incomparable happiness to me and my husband…It was that time, my husband and I realized that we could not ignore the calling among us that we should open a Thai restaurant to spread the good taste and let the food represent our love to people. It also meant we had to give up our stable jobs and start everything again.

It was days and nights’ debating, then we did it! We took over a food truck from our friend the name is Sweet Lime Thai Express after a year later We named it Sweet Rice Thai Food. Owning a tiny business is not easy at all, our passion and years of experience in the food industry helped us go through the dark days. We believe in Dharma, which is loving and kind. When I cook with love, even for strangers, I am wishing that, by my food, they are fulfilled with joy and peace.
And now, almost 20 years arriving in the USA, we own a food truck that catering events, and has routine schedules, and a RESTAURANT! People share our schedule on social media, left marvelous comments on our restaurant. We all appreciate everything that happened in our lives and the Dharma we will keep spreading our love and kindness to the world through our food. This is our suitcase immigrant story. We are still not finishing telling it. But for now, I hope you all good and peaceful.

Thank you,
Roong (Owner)


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